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Tiny Infant Miracle

Micro-Preemie Miracle

actual  size of 24 Weeks Gestation

11 inches Long

A little about how Miracle came to be...

I have sculpted Miracle by hand....out of polymer clay.

I have used no molds whatsoever.

I have taken the time to sculpt this special Miracle for all you you mom's who have written me who need this baby!

This baby was extremely difficult to sculpt......much harder than my full size cloth bodied sculpts.

I did NOT make Miracle to be simply a "mini" sculpt.

 She is a True To Life sized and proportioned Infant born at around 24 plus weeks.

I have carefully sculpted each vein, rib bone fingernails etc . I have made her look a bit scrawny on purpose to keep  the realism of a baby born at this age

All preemies born this age are helpless  little humans.

This baby really is a true Miracle.

Click here

to see lots of beautiful "National Geographic" images of babies still inside of the womb...some 24 weeks. 

A baby born at gestation age 24 weeks can and does survive outside of the womb; yet babies this very age are being aborted by the thousands each day in America.

I have made Miracle as a tribute to all the babies this very age who were not "chosen"



Here she is still in the clay before I completely finished her