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***SEE Donna Lee's PERSONAL NOTE to you at the bottom of this page**


~This baby below was medically saved at 21 weeks~

All the while babies the same age, in the very same hospital, are being aborted in the USA.

shown here in photo at 24 weeks

The link and statements below are for those of you who agree with abortion, yet have never seen ACTUAL FOOTAGE that shows the "tissue" that has been removed.

Most Americans think that a first trimester (under 3 months) abortion just removes some unrecognizable "tissue".

But in this video, there are tiny legs , hands, and  perfectly formed faces being removed.


BELOW IS A LINK to a video:

This four-minute video is not pleasant, but it must be seen.

 Thousands of innocent unborn children are torn to pieces everyday in the U.S. because most people simply don't know what abortion actually does.

This video is shocking because abortion is shocking. But it is no more gruesome than the reality.

 All of the video you will see depicts babies who were aborted during first-trimester abortions.

 Educate yourself  so you can see just "WHAT" is really being taken out of a women's body.

Force Yourself  to view something that will  give you a closer look on the reality of abortion.

It AMAZES me that many people will watch senseless acts of violence on TV as entertainment;

yet will never click the link below

PLEASE NOTE******I am not judging you if you have had an abortion.

There was  time in my own life where I felt devastated by a pregnancy.

I personally have not had an abortion; but I know first hand the deep guilt that can come from the mistakes we make with our children.

The ONLY way I have survived my shame was to experience the forgiveness of Christ in my life.

He has freed me from my past guilt. His love is always available to those who ask for it. I wouldn't be alive today without it.

Thanks for listening,

Donna lee