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Doll Type Comparison

What is the difference between a doll made of

clay, silicone, or resin?

What about vinyl reborns?? see answer below



My personal thoughts

 An Original One of a Kind (OOAK) is a treasured piece as there is only one like it in the world. It comes directly from the artist’s heart and imagination.  

A Resin piece is as close as you can get to the LOOK of an Original sculpture.

It captures almost all the fine details that were placed into the Original sculpt.

A Silicone piece still looks like the OOAK; yet, it's features appear "softer".


 It really depends on your personal preferences whether to choose silicone or resin.

 I would say that if you want to have your baby DISPLAYED; then I would buy a RESIN.

If you want your baby to look as close to the OOAK Sculpt; then I would buy a RESIN.

 If you want your baby to FEEL REAL in your arms, then I would buy a SILICONE.

If you want to regularly change your baby’s clothes without worrying about ever breaking a finger; then I would buy a SILICONE.

Overall, my silicone babies tend to be the most popular choice with my customers! 



(to clarify some of the confusion between solid silicone and silicone-vinyl)

Please note that my Limited Edition Silicones are not reborns

A Reborn Artist is someone who takes a factory produced vinyl (or silicone-vinyl) doll, 


Many sculptors sell to doll companies to have their original sculpts mass-produced (150-unlimited).

The reborn artists then buy these factory produced vinyl dolls to enhance them by painting, rooting hair, applying eyelashes, ETC.

Their are many talented reborners out there who can create a very realistic reborn baby doll.

I also will reborn one of my own Vinyl kit dolls occasionally.

My Limited Edition Silicone Dolls are different from reborn dolls in many ways.

My Limited Silicone Dolls are not made up of the same material as the Factory Produced "silicone-vinyl mixture" dolls.

My Silicone dolls are made up of 100% Platinum Silicone.

 Silicone-vinyl dolls are HOLLOW inside the head and limbs.

My Silicone Dolls are completely SOLID inside the head and limbs.

My silicones are also Very Limited Editions of only 15 worldwide and not mass produced like a typical vinyl or silicone-vinyl doll.

 On the other hand, I feel like the reborn dolls can be "painted to have thier skin look realer" than a solid silicone doll.

The depth of colors that can be used with vinyl is wonderful.

So there are many many factors to consider when buying a doll.

I would suggest going to a doll show and picking up each kind (resin, silicone, clay, reborn) and then deciding!






below is  RESIN Julia on the left next to a Silicone Julia on the right