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Full Body Soft Silicone Joel

Edition is SOLD OUT

There are no more Joel's left & there is nothing I can do about that. I am sorry.

shown in clay above

NBC TV show GRIMM Season3 E17 –Silicone Doll Prop Joel below
Air date 04/11/14


Click below to watch his video

Joel is a FULL BODY (anatomically correct) sculpture that has been reproduced in a SUPER SOFT Eco-Flex platinum silicone.
There is no cloth body. The torso and legs are all poured in one piece.
The arms & head are permanently bonded on with silicone after it comes out of the mold. They adhere as one piece of solid silicone.

Joel is not jointed, nor has an armature.
The soft silicone is much softer than the regular silicone. Joel's limbs will easily bend, move, and even his fingers will jiggle with movement when he is picked up.

My silicone Joel is a handmade doll that is one of a kind. He may have slight imperfections here or there: like tiny bumps or lines. These are not silicone flaws; but are original to the baby exactly the way I sculpted him. Joel is not a perfect manuafactured factory made item; but is a Collectors Quality Piece of Artwork to be cherished and displayed for generations to come. He is not a child's play toy

Joel prototype #2 below

Price: $2,650

Baby Joel is 19 inches long.

His head circumference is 13.5 inches.

He is a Numbered Lmited Edtion of only 10 with 3 prototypes

Joel is a FULL BODY Soft Platinum Silicone doll, not jointed.

I sculpted him by hand out of polymer clay using no molds. Then I had my clay sculpture reproduced into silicone.




Joel Protoype below #1


Joel #1 below

Joel #2 below

Joel #2 below

Joel #3 below

Joel #4 below

Joel #5 below

Joel #6 below

Joel #7 below


Joel #8 below


Joel #9 below

prototype #3 below

Joel with blue eyes below

protoype #1 below