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Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large volume of email Donna Lee receives; any message sent asking any of the questions on the page below may unfortunately go unanswered.


Email Donna Lee


How much do your full body silicone dolls cost?

My full body silicone dolls that can be custom ordered cost $2,650-$3,500.

My full body silicone prototypes are auctioned on Ebay twice a year. They usually sell for around $5000.




Do you have any dolls completed & ready for me to buy right now?

No. I don't.

All dolls (except unpainted vinyl kits) have to be ordered and can take many months to receive.

A few times a year I will put a completed doll on Ebay to be auctioned.

Please contact me if you would like to be put on the email list.




How do I order a Silicone baby?


First you need to check and see if the doll you want is AVAILABLE.

Go to the SILICONE BABIES page.

If it says SOLD OUT; then there are no more left & there is nothing I can do about that. I am sorry.
If the doll is AVAILABLE to order then please contact me and let me know which baby you would like.

Then I would need the non-refundable $500 deposit which you can pay on my website via Credit Card, Paypal, money order, or personal check.

Depending which baby you have ordered it can take anywhere from 3-12 months to have your baby ready.

At that time, I will email you photos of your completed baby; and invoice you for your final payment amount.

What if the doll I want is SOLD OUT?

If the doll you want is sold out; then there is nothing I can do about it.

There will be no more available unless a mommy who has one on layaway is unable to complete the transaction.

You can always contact me and ask to be put on the waiting list for a particular doll in case this happens. But there are no guarantees.

You can also ask to be put on my email list to be notified when new babies are available.



Can you lower the price?

Can you sell me a boo boo baby or a silicone kit?


Very rarely I will have a full body boo boo silicone doll. They cost $2550 (a $100 disount). If you want to be put on the boo boo list...please email me.

I am currently selling Silicone Jenny KITS at the link below:





How do you make A Silicone Doll? I want to make one myself.

Click the link below:



Can you create for me a Clay or Silicone baby from my child's photograph?

My custom portrait list is now CLOSED. I am no longer accepting custom order for ANY portrait sculptures. I am sorry.



Do your Vinyl Kits come already painted and put togther?

No. The vinyl kits I sell are just the unpainted limbs and head (no cloth body nor eyes).



How do I order a Vinyl Kit to reborn?

Most of my vinyl kits are IN STOCK and ready to ship. They can be purchased dircetly from me at the link below.

Just click on the doll you want.



How do you REBORN a vinyl kit?

Click the link below:

Where do I buy the supplies to reborn a vinyl kit?


How much does it cost to ship Internationally?

It costs about $33 to ship a vinyl kit Internationally by Priotity Mail using USPS.



Can you make me a CUSTOM REBORN doll?

My custom reborn list is now CLOSED. I am no longer accepting custom order for ANY rebrn dolls. I am sorry




How do you make A Silicone Doll? I want to make one myself.

Click the link below:





How do you make PAINT a Silicone Doll?

Click the link below:





How to Sculpt a Doll from Clay photos

BUY Pat moulton's Baby Sculpting DVD

Sculpting Infant Proportions

How To Reborn a Vinyl Kit & Buying supplies

How to Paint a Silicone Doll

(for those who have bought a silicone kit)

Copyright Laws by an intellectual property attorney/lawyer:


How do you Sculpt a clay doll?

Click the link below to be taken to a DIFFERENT artist's website (not mine):


BUY Pat moulton's Baby Sculpting DVD


What are the layaway options?


Occasionally I will allow a 12 month layaway.

If you choose the LAYAWAY option; then I will need the deposit amount upfront.

After you pay the deposit; I will calculate your monthly payments for up to 12 months.

Please note that the layaway option puts you at the end of the numbered edition.



Fine Print

PAYMENT TERMS: All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. That means if you are unable to complete your purchase; you will not be able to receive a refund. It also means that your deposit may not be transferred to purchase a different baby. All timeframes are estimated and are not guaranteed as this is hand-made by an artist. Any payments made toward layaways are not refundable should you change your mind or miss more than one monthly payment. If you choose NOT to do the layaway, but instead choose to only pay the deposit and then pay the full balance once your baby is ready, then you will have 4 weeks to pay the final invoice. If you have any questions about this policy please be sure to ask prior to making a commitment to purchase a baby doll.


What is the difference between a doll made of Clay, Silicone, or Resin?

Click the rose below to find out.



How do you care for a SOFT Silicone Baby

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