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How to make a Silicone Doll

Information on How to make a Silicone Baby Doll

Are you wondering how to make your very own silicone doll??

Are you wondering where to get the silicone pieces to "reborn" as you would a vinyl doll kit??

 If you go to Wal-Mart, you will notice dolls there in different mediums (ie: plastic Barbies, porcelain dolls, vinyl Berenguers).
And what about all of those vinyl doll kits that are available to buy? How do these dolls get made in the first place????
Well, an artist has to sculpt them out of a piece of clay. They buy clay, use photographs & their bare hands to sculpt the dolls.
Then they either sell their original sculptures to a company (like Ashton Drake Galleries) who will reproduce their sculptures into other mediums (ie: silicone, silicone-vinyl, vinyl, porcelain, glass, plastic, resin etc). Or the artists' themselves will reproduce their own work into other mediums to sell to the public. Some artists hire others to reproduce their work; and some artists do all the work themselves.

I personally sculpt my dolls from a piece of clay; and then I either mold & pour the dolls in silicone myself; or I hire another artist, or a manufacturing company to mold and pour my sculptures in either resin or vinyl kits or silicone. I sell the vinyl "doll parts" to the public for them to reborn . I occasionally will sell the silicone "doll parts" or "silicone kits" to the public.; but I only sell the cloth body silicone "parts". I never sell silicone kits for a FULL BODY doll.

I reborn (or paint) them myself; and sell them in small limited editions of only 10 or 20 worldwide.
There are a few artists who sell "silicone kits."
Silicone kits are basically just the silicone pieces (head, arms, legs, torso). Some artists will sell the silicone kits for others to reborn themselves. A silicone kits usually costs anywhere from $800-$1,500.
A completely finished painted full-bodied silicone doll costs around $2000-$3500.
The only way that these silicone doll "parts" can be BOUGHT is if an artist is willing to sell them (ie: silicone kits).

So if you want to make your very own silicone doll, you need to first buy the clay (prosculpt or super sculpey) and start practicing sculpting a baby head. I learned to sculpt when I was 35 years old so it is never too late in life to try. After sculpting your doll, you will need to mold your own sculpture or hire someone to mold it for you. Then you would need to pour silicone into your mold. I use Eco-Flex 30 Platinum Silicone. Occassionally I see on EBay someone selling a blank doll mold. But it's not like ceramics, where there are lots of molds already out there to buy. The few molds I see on EBay usually don't have a lot of detail; but this is another way to legally make a silicone doll. I personally don't know any artists who sells their detailed INFANT doll molds.




Can I just buy a vinyl doll kit already made, and mold it myself??

It is illegal to take a doll kit that you have bought from say "Bountiful Baby Supplies" or "Donna Lee Originals" and mold it to pour your own silicone doll.

All of the doll kits that you buy are sculpted by an artist and are copyrighted.

It is copyright infringement. It is illegal for anyone to make a copy without a signed contract by the artist giving you PERMISSION to mold the doll. It is just as wrong as if someone went to an Art Gallery, bought an original painting, and then photocopied it. It's unlawful if you try to sell the copy to the public. But really it is NOT about the selling of the product.

But What if I Don't Sell It??

I Just Want to Keep it for myself!

We all know that DVD companies frown on piracy & bootleg DVDs.

You might have noticed this warning, shown at the beginning of many movies:

"Criminal copyright infringement including infringement WITHOUT MONETARY GAIN, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000."

WITHOUT MONETARY GAIN (above) means to keep the product for yourself; or give the product away to your friend with no money exchange.

Take the company Apple for example. Do you think Apple would mind if someone copied the new iPhone5 and kept it for themselves?? What if they gave them away for free????

Yes, they would have a big problem with that because they OWN the rights to the original product. They would be getting robbed. Every time a person makes a copy; they are robbing the original inventor. They are stealing their idea or creation; and then stealing their income from that creation. The people who now own the "copy" will not be buying iPhones from Apple because they either got one for free, or bought one at a discounted price.

And please don't forget that most artists are not big companies like Apple. Most artists are stay at home moms who found a hobby that they can make money from in order to be able to stay at home with their kids.

If I seem passionate about this topic, it is because this has recently happened to me and I just feel sick about it.



Can you give me informatioon on what supplies I need to make a silicone doll?

I am sorry but there are WAY too many collectors illegally trying to mold other artists work; therefore i cannot give out that information to anyone unless they are a well-known sculpting artist.


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