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How to make a Silicone Doll


Pat moulton's Baby Sculpting DVD

How to Sculpt a Doll from Clay photos



The following is meant to be just a guide.

Here are some simple helpful hints that I have gathered from various places and people

 to help get those baby proportions correct.


Eyes should always be

halfway in the middle of the face


It captures the way the forehead slopes back at an angle (shorter in front & higher in back)

the upper half is all forehead and skull

The biggest mistake I see in beginners is that they get the face just perfect; and then do not compete the upper forehead and back of skull.

It is extremely important to do this in order to get a life-like baby.
Think of those infant baby hats....they are HUGE because a newborn's skull is huge.

Try one on your baby...if your baby's hea0d swims in it; then you have probably not added enough upper and back skull.

Here is an older sculpt of mine on the right named Jacinta. She has an incorrect head shape.
See Jacinta's head looks like it goes up past her eyebrows and then abruptly stops??

Here is Asher as a comparison of what the skull should look more like.

See how much it makes a difference making minor changes below


Here are my first 50 dolls.

I am showing this to encourage you in your sculpting that


Don't give up!!!